Our Services

ATM placement program – NO cost for equipment!

Once you have made the decision to join the hundreds of other business owners in the state to place a Mainely ATMs machine in your place of business, one of our expert technicians will deliver and install the ATM, all we ask is that you have a well-lit area that has access to power and the internet.  We do the rest!

We will stock the ATM with our cash and ensure there is plenty of printer paper.  Online alerts and system monitoring ensures we will quickly respond if any issue should arise, many times they can be fixed with just a phone call!

The best part of all of this…it’s free!!  We actually pay you!!  You will receive a check each quarter for 25% of the transaction fees.

A Maine Company 

Mainely ATMs has installed and now operates more than 200 ATMs throughout Maine, specializing in convenience store locations, taverns, restaurants, hotels, motels, and resorts. Mainely ATMs also has many seasonal locations such as campgrounds, golf courses, white water rafting companies, and mountain ski lodges.

We now offer Mobile ATMs

Do you want to generate more revenue at your next event? Providing your customers with easy access to cash increases the revenue flowing into your event while boosting attendance. For carnivals, fairs, outdoor concerts, stadium events or auto, boat, and RV shows, Mobile ATMs are the best way to provide convenient cash at your next event. It pays to bring ATMs to the people. Please contact us for details.